Tips for Influencers: How to Pitch for More Brand Deals

I know how hard it is to make courage to pitch yourself to a brand. Been there and it was really scary!

At first I didn’t know how to reach out to brands, I didn’t know what to say , how my email should look, and I din’t know if I was qualified enough to collaborate with a brand. I was rejected many times, because most of the brands like just the gifting idea and they think that’s enough for our work.

Girl making a photography in a mirror with an iphone 12 pro

The first step (and the hardest) is to know how to format your email pitch encouraging a brand to work with you. This email should be unique because brands receive tons of offers daily so you need to stand out and be persuasive.

These are some steps that you need to follow when creating the email:

  • Introduction
    Why are you reaching out?
  • Who you are
    What type of blogger are you? Which niche?
  • Why should they work with you
    Have you used the brand before? What are your favorite products?
  • Link to your social media
    Do you want to do a collaboration through Instagram or your blog? Both? Include that!
  • Statistics
    How many followers do you have? How many monthly readers?
  • Experience
    Who have you worked with in the past? Include examples and links!
  • And one of the most important steps: a MEDIA KIT

Brand Pitch Email Template:

“Hi [insert brand representatives name],
My name is [insert your name here] and I am reaching out to you in regards to a collaboration. I love [brands name here] and believe your products align well with my brand.

I am a [niche here] influencer and/or blogger with [number of followers or readers here]. You can find me at [social media site here]. I have experience working with [insert brands here]. You can find some of my past work [link here] and [link two here].

Looking forward to your reply!

Thank you,
[your name here]


Media kits are a type of pitch, a digital portfolio that tells the brands everything they need to know about you.To become a successful influencer, it is imperative for you to have an influencer media kit. When you reach out to brands, a media kit is the best way to showcase your work.

In simple words, an influencer media kit is a mix of the testimonials section, your work history.There are many free media kit templates available. All you need to do is enter your information into the template.

What to include:

  • About section
  • Follower demographics
  • Link to your social media accounts
  • Social media statistics and insights
  • Number of followers on each channel
  • Contact information
  • Photos, samples, testimonies *
  • Pricing *

Media Kit Examples:

media kit example

This is the first page on my media kit, and I have the basics here . I think is pretty simple and easy to read, I also showed to my friend and she told me that it looks very professional, hehe. Your media kit can contain just one page or you can make make a multiple page media kit, but don’t forget to update it every few months, just like you would with a resume.

Always remember:

Every email pitch should be personalized to the brand.You don’t want to forward the same email to 10 brands because that’ll be pretty obvious and not look good. If you haven’t tried their products out don’t fake it and say you have. Simply state that you’ve always been interested in giving their products a try. And the most important step trust yourself, be confident and get ready to be rejected many times until you get the first YES.

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