Dew it Again Hydrating Toner

💦 Dew it Again Hydrating Toner

@gentlehourofficial has a really nice hydrating toner which contains Niacinamide for brightens and Glycerin for balances. 💚

I like this toner because is really hydrating, didn’t irritated my skin and does not leave the skin heavy or greasy.💕

It doesn’t contain alcohol and is PH-balanced, but it can not be that perfect because it contains fragrance in it and is a little bit to strong for my nose, but as I said before it didn’t irritate my skin.

The texture is light, very watery which I really like, really good for hot summer days and nights.💦

I use it after cleansing, on my AM or PM routine, my skin really loves it so far.

Another thing I really like is the cute packaging the colour is so beautiful, and also they sent me stickers to make it even cuter.

Thank you @go.picky and @gentlehourofficial 💕💚