Dry Skin warriors 🦸🏻‍♀️

🌼Here are the Holy Grail products that you should try if you have this type of skin:

🌷@tiam_global Snail Azulene Water Essence – you know how much I love Snail products, they heal and hydrate the skin and this one contains 87% snail secretion filtrate which is 🤩 the texture is viscous, and after you use this your skin will be healthy and hydrated.

🌷@rohto_official Hada Labo Premium Emulsion – gives my skin a huge boost in hydration. The texture is viscous and it absorbs really quickly into the skin.

🌷@cerave Hydrating Lotion – love the texture, it absorbs so quick and leaves the skin matte and hydrated. I will recommend this for all skin types, and the quantity is really big. You can also use this on your body too.

🌷@dear_klairs Fundamental Watery Oil Drop – this is a non-greasy oil, you can use this even in your AM routine . Will keep your skin Moisturizer all day long.

Did you tried any of these?

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